First Ever Win for Buffalo’s CSz team

On Sunday, March 20th, Buffalo won their first Comedy Sportz competition against Hopkins with a final score of 29-24. This is the first year that Buffalo has participated in the Comedy Sportz High School League, and the first competition that they’ve won. The team consisted of Junior Kaitlyn Atwood, Freshmen Alicia Petersen, Senior Jacob Bastin, and Team Captain Michael Scheuermann.

The first and only head to head game played was “Story”, and Hopkins won that game, netting them the first 5 points of the competition. Next up were scene games, played in sets and judged against each other. For the first set, Hopkins played “New Choice” and Buffalo played “Forward/Reverse”. Buffalo’s game was judged as superior, thus the team was given 5 points. For the 2nd set, Hopkins played “Instant Soap Opera” and Buffalo played “Advice Panel”.

Buffalo’s improvisational skills were deemed superior in this set as well, so Buffalo was awarded another 5 points.

On a side note, the judges were bribed on the behalf of both teams and one anonymous bribe to both teams. In addition, Hopkins was given a brown bag foul, subtracting a point from their team’s score. This set the score before the final game to 12 – 6, with Buffalo in the lead.

In the end round game, Buffalo obtained 17 points, and Hopkins received 18 points, setting the final score at 29 – 24, showing that Buffalo’s team is getting better.

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