Charley Keifenheim talks Golf

Chemistry teacher, Girls’ Tennis coach, and Boys’ Golf coach, Charley Keifenheim is preparing for the for the upcoming Golf season.

“Each year, I have to make sure I know the new rules and regulations,” said¬†Charley Keifenheim. “I also have to make sure we [boys Golf] have transportation and facilities to practice in.”

This season is Keifenheim’s 11th year as a Varsity Boys Golf coach. Keifenheim has also coached Boys’ Tennis for 15 years at Buffalo High School, before becoming a Golf coach.¬†Keifenheim also coaches Girls’ Tennis in the Fall.

“I grew up playing sports all the time, I enjoy sharing sports with others,” said Keifenheim. “That is the main reason I coach.”

“One of the most challenging parts of coaching is working through an athletes sense of frustration when they don’t think they’re successful,” said Keifenheim.

The first Golf practice of the season begins on Monday, March 21.

“At the beginning of the season,” said Keifenheim, “we practice indoors, talk about the rules of Golf, practice swings, lift weights, and go to a hitting dome twice a year.”

“[Golf] is a life sport, you can play with your father, mother, grandparents, and someday your children,” said Kiefenheim. “That makes it a wonderful thing.”

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