Mock Trial qualifies for State

The Buffalo Bison Mock Trial team, consisting of nine members, went to Sartell  last Thursday, February 24th and came home as conference champions. The team breezed past Sartell, Elk river,  and Annandale by a large margin. They will be heading to Duluths court room on Tuesday and Wednesday, March second and third to compete in the state tournament.

“Our exceptions for state is high,” said senior Colm Macnab. “It really depends on what team we get paired up against when we get there. ”

This year marks the third year in a row for Bison Mock Trial being conference champs. There was some slight worry that the team would lose it’s thunder after Former Coach Laurie Raymond’s departure, but they held strong and earned their title.

“This year has been by far the most intense year yet, we have had a lot of key matches and right now the parity between us is so high,” said Macnab “there is really no power house at state so state this year is up in the air.”


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