Inside the Life of Nick Weeks

Nick Weeks is the ultimate friend, role model, and yes, creeper.  He is involved in Yearbook, Hoofprint, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and the Broadcasting Team.

Nick has a very outgoing personality, but it is unique.  He can create conversations with the most random people, such as security guards, random people at McDonalds, and anyone he thinks is interesting.  All it takes is for him to introduce himself by saying, “Hi I’m Nick Weeks!”  His charismatic personality makes people curious about him.

Most people like to have balance in their life.  Having school, and a sport or band to participate in after school, and then be able to hang out.  Nick is involved in numerous activities, but why?

“I just want to be a better impact on younger grades.  I have more say in how the school is run.  I just like to have fun and have a bigger impact on the school,” said Weeks.

Being involved in so many activities comes with a cost.  It takes much time, effort, and energy.  Weeks is always doing something.

“It’s my life.  You can’t put a time on how much I do.  Some nights I’m helping out from right after school until 10:00 at night.  It’s really ridiculous, buts it’s worth the stress because I know I’m making an impact,” said Weeks.

Everyone knows Nick.  Whether they know him as “the kid who is always smiling,” “a best friend,” or “the creep with the camera,” he is a huge part of BHS and will never be forgotten.

“Everyone wants to be rememebered,” said Weeks.  “I want to be remembered as a hard worker, and not just ‘the photo guy.’  I want to be somebody’s friend, and make someone’s day.”

So whether you just know his name, are friends with him, or just see him taking awkward pictures of anything and everything, remember there is a great story behind his charming smile.


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