A Teacher’s Worst Nightmare

The papers are strewn everywhere, completely out of order. The panic sets in as student’s filter into English Teacher Joel Squadroni’s otherwise well-kept room. Before he can even begin to think about how to reorganize the mess that has now been made, he awakes, papers in order at school where they belong.

Teacher’s often take their work home with them, but even when they attempt to get a break from work in sleep, it seeps it’s way in.

“Usually when I ream about school I dream about being in the middle of something but not being prepared,” said l Squadroni. “I’ll be passing back papers that aren’t corrected or I’ll be giving a speech but I’m in the wrong classroom. Theres a high anxiety to have everything prepared.”

“I have a recurring dream that I’m teaching a class an I need to pick someone up at the airport. I try to start an activity thinking that I could get to the airport and back before they get done,” said French Teacher Jason Swanson. ” Almost all of my dreams about school are pretty positive.”

“I usually dream about school around this time of year and at the very end when I’m swamped,” said Art Teacher John Holtz. “Pottery wheels end up in my dreams a lot, because of the repetition in my room I think. Sometime there will be well formed clay spinning with no one operating it.”

These dreams may seem strange, harmless, and forgettable to us but from a teachers perspective, they are noteworthy.

“I think we dream about things that have been on our mind because we are concerned about them or trying not to worry about them,” said Psychology Teacher Christopher Gmach. “I don’t necessarily think symbols like the pottery wheel mean any one thing. I think whoever is dreaming about it will know what it means best.”


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