Manninen takes over Bakke’s former position

Former Media Center Specialist Todd Manninen is now teaching Minorities and Social Problems, filling the place of retired Social Studies Teacher Gerald Bakke. Mannenin officially filled the spot at the beginning of the second semester, after Laurie Raymond retired.  Social Studies Teacher Dan Dehmer taught Minorities and Social Problems during first semester.

“I did my undergrad in sociology and I taught social studies before coming to Buffalo High School as the Media Specialist,” said Manninen. “I’ve missed working with kids and the pursuit of inquiry.”

When the Bakke’s retirement was made official, the question of who was to fill his spot filled both teachers’ and students’ minds. Mannenin Admits to being no Bakke, but hopes students look forward to taking his classes just as much.

“I’m trying to allow students to share their ideas as much as Bakke did,” said Manninen. “It may not seem like that sometimes, because were doing more background work and I’m trying to incorporate more structure, but I think after a while it will be more like the free flow discussions Bakke had.”

Students can expect a variety of topics, opinions, and guest speakers when putting any of Manninen’s classes on their schedules.

“All I’m asking for is patience,” said Manninen. “The first week I was nervous and I talked too fast, but Ive gotten into the swing of it a little more.  I just have to tell myself to slow down and have fun, because that will help my students learn and have fun, too.”

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