Senior Privileges begin today

With Spring right around the corner, the anticipation of graduation is higher then usual for most seniors.  But one special thing comes before graduation- senior privileges.  Senior privileges are something that all students look forward to all through out high school.  Getting done with school at 2:00 on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays is just one advantage the senior class gets.

“I believe that you are an amazing class, and that you all truly deserve your senior privileges,” Principal Mark Mischke stated at the senior breakfast last Friday.  “I’ve met with some of you in my office this year, or during the summer. We’ve talked about integrity, and honor, and I think that this class holds both of those close to them.”

When the underclassmen are taking their MCA tests this April, seniors will be at home in the morning for the two hours of the day.  Seniors also get the opportunity to have senior appreciation day, on May 2nd to help them prepare for senior prom.  However, these are privileges not rights of the senior class, and with privileges come rules.

“We don’t have many rules when it comes to senior privileges, but the few that we have, we expect you all to follow.”  Assistant Principal Matthew Lubben also stated at the senior breakfast last Friday.  “Don’t try and sneak underclassmen out on school with you, don’t loiter in the parking lot, if you lose your pass bring $1.00 to the office and you will receive a new pass the next day, and always go to the north entrance when leaving school because that’s where we will be checking passes, and that’s the only place that you will be allowed to leave.”

Today marks the start of senior privileges.  If seniors don’t present their parent permission slips to principals today at lunch, they won’t be receiving their passes till they do so.  With spring coming up fast, prom nearing and graduation on the way, the Principals hope that the senior class will handle their privileges responsibly without any issues.

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