Bison Bitz provides entertainment for BHS

The video multi media productions teacher, Troy Hanson,  is the director of bison bitz every friday on channel 55. School activities and many other segments about the kids in our school are on the show. The show’s call Bison Bitz, it has ben set up for 12 years now ever since the idea from Troy Hanson.

Hanson got the schools advisory to agree with him to have a school show, but over the years it has progressed and changed a lot. The kids in the class are coming up with many different ideas and are starting to get off the topic of school. That’s where Hansons scary responsibility comes in and keeps things in order.

The show is made up of 12 segments every week. Only eight segments are chosen to be on the show, the eight best. “Mondays and Tuesdays are days they film around the school or outside of school, Wednesdays they put all there footage onto the computer and start editing with pinnacle studios  14.” Hanson said. ” By three at the end of the school day all the edited footage has to be on a hardrive I own and over night I look over all of it and chooses what segments will be used.” Hanson said. The next day if any adjustments need changing, then rerender it back onto the hard drive.

 “Friday we get ready and set up for the show in my room, and have all the anchors practice there lines and have the tech crew practice the order of segments.” Hanson said. “At the end of the day we all have fun and get the job done.” So if you think your up for the challange take the  video & multimedia production class and good luck and have fun!

Michael Williams

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