Teacher discovers technology

Science teacher Kip Wold has given up old-fashioned overheads in favor of PowerPoints. He started converting overhead slides into PowerPoints at the beginning of the second term and is still going strong.  Wold says his students are happy about the switch.

“Everyone’s getting all this fancy equipment,” Wold said. “I figured it’s about time for me to get into the third millennium.”

Every year teachers have some sort of aspiration.  Technology just so happens to be “in.”  The press of a button can solve most problems.  It’s time to get comfortable it.

Wold’s students don’t have any objections to his new educational hobby. They give Wold pointers and tips on improving each of his presentations.  The notes are bigger and easier to read.  Color spikes interest, and Wold likes adding pictures from Google Images to make the notes relevant for his classes.

“It took me two hours to do my first one,” said Wold. “It’s time-consuming, but it’s my goal, so I take the time to do it.”

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