On any given Monday, or Friday for AAA you can find a group of about thirty kids in the stage acting room. Anxiously waiting to find out what improvisational game they will be playing today. Improv. is a time when kids who are in or have been in the class stage acting.

Bertsch take center stage to announce that they will be playing “Party Quirks” today. The class erupts with excitement as people jump up volunteering to be the host or a guest.

Mrs. bertsch selects a host, who goes outside into the hallway. then four guests who all pick a “quirk” or role to play out of an envelope, and announces it to the class. The host comes back into the room and begins to prepare for the party. one by one the door bell rings until every guest is there acting out their quirk. they continue until the host is able to guess what that person is acting out.

“Its a chance to act, and wind down from the day, and be who you want to be.” said Junior Andrew Jacobsen.
 “I have been to every single improv since i was a Freshmen,” said Senior Jacob Bastin,”I made sure to only get sick on tuesdays and thursdays.”

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