Pep Talks motivate girls’ tennis team

Madlyn Nones mutters to herself during a match, “You can do it! You’ve got this.”

Building confidence in a match is done through self pep talks for most players on the tennis team. Giving themselves a little boost of encouragement is what gets them trough a tough match.

Senior Madalyn Nones. Photo by Sarah Lundquist.

The players talk to themselves when they have done something really good like score a point or hit the ball really hard. You also hear whispering when they mess up or miss something.

Even though every person watching the match can hear what they are saying, the onlookers remain silent with a little cheer every once in a while.

These little self pep talks help them keep calm and relieve stress to help them play to the best of their ability. They don’t care that the people watching can hear everything that they are saying because it soon just becomes a habit that they perform without thinking.

“You’re awesome! You did it!”

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