Dreams Really Do Come True

Malewicki being crowned at Hanover Harvest Festival. Photo by Dave Malewicki.

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess, but how many succeed? Through the royalty program, that dream came true for Buffalo high school Senior Alicia Malewicki. She was elected as Hanover princess in August 2010.

She applied in early July by mail, sending an application form and a picture.  Before being chosen, a tea party was held where all the candidates were interviewed by three judges. The judges picked a queen and a princess to represent Hanover. The results were announced at the sixth annual Hanover Harvest Festival in August, with Buffalo graduate Mackenzie Haight as queen and Malewicki as princess.

“I enjoy the responsiblilites of representing Hanover in a positive way,” said Malewicki. “We go to other communites and participate in their parades and festivals. We also volunteer at local nursing homes, serving them food and playing turkey bingo.”

This program gave Malewicki the challenge to step outside of her comfort zone. She described herself as not being the type of person to say, “Look at me! Look at me!” Being a princess made her more confident, and she is proud to say she is now an expert at walking in high heels. The intense interview process made Malewicki feel she is better prepared for future interviews.

Malewicki’s favorite part was meeting other girls with common interests. She enjoyed how the older girls showed the “newbies”  the ropes. Malewicki said, “At first I didn’t really know what I was doing, or what was expected of me. But the past princesses were always there to coach us through new experiences.”

Malewicki isn’t the only Buffalo student involved in this program. Others include Senior Sarah Randall as the Howard Lake princess and Junior Kala Czanscowski as the Montrose ambassador.

If you dream of being a princess, look for announcements about the royalty program on the monitors in early May. For more information, contact Jackie Heinz.

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