That’s the way we get down, in a hick town!

It’s the last day of school, and the parking lot is packed! Even the students driving in early have to fight for a parking space! Some of the students here at Buffalo High School instead of driving their cars to school decided to drive their tractors, four wheelers, dirt bikes, and one three wheeler.

“I drove my tractor with a hay wagon hooked up to it, because I thought it would be fun and different!” said Senior Brittany Gutknecht.

Early this morning students stepped out of their cars to see the tractors, four wheelers, and dirt bikes parked in the far back part of the parking lot!

“It was definitely a surprise to see that many tractors in the school parking lot this morning!” said Junior JD Laskey.

For many years here at BHS it has been a tradition to drive tractors, four wheelers, and dirt bikes to school on the last day.

“I drove a tractor because a lot of people do and i really wanted to drive a tractor to school!” said sophomore Lane Otto.

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