Local hip-hop artist Desdamona visits high school English class

Desdamona, a hip-hop artist from Minneapolis, visited Katherine Kunz’s English class on Thursday, May 20 to teach kids about poetry.

“I think it’s important to educate kids because in high school people are trying to find their voices,” said Desdamona. “Writing allows you to learn about yourself even if that happens after writing it. Writing in itself  is a teacher so it’s almost like self-teaching.”

Desdamona began performing through dance as a little girl and was in band and choir through out high school. She found that she didn’t have the same type of outlet in college, but soon found it through poetry and rap.

“I had performed like that once in 9th grade, but not again until college,” said Desdamona. “That was when I really found that outlet. My inspiration comes from my own life experiences or friend’s life experiences.”

Desdamona, a unique name, came from a Shakespeare play. Desdamona’s real name is actually Heather.

“I wanted a name that people would remember,” said Desdamona. “No one else has this one. I chose it because I related to the character. She was killed and didn’t get to tell her story because it was too late. I wanted a chance to tell my story.”

Desdamona’s music can be found on MySpace music and iTunes. She will also be returning to the school on May 26, 27, and 28 to continue to teach about poetry. On the 28 she plans on performing for the class.


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