Lunch for the Academically Superior

On Tuesday, May 18, the 26th annual Nick Miller Academic Luncheon was held at the Evangelical Free Church.  This lucheon is held to recognize all of the hard work of the Presidential Award Recipients put in throughout their high school careers.

Huikko’s catered the event.  There was rice, stir-fry, alfredo, brownies, and lemonade.  The entire luncheon was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce , which is a group of local businesses that promote one another.

Each of the students were told to tell about what they were looking forward to this upcoming year.

“I’m looking forward to a new environment,” said Senior Sara Rand.

“I’m looking forward to being in the sun year round at Arizona State University,” said Senior Ariel Ehlenz.

Even though all of the answers varied, the most common answer for what would be missed was all of the connections that the students made over the years with teachers and their peers.


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