Mr.Harlan Retires

The very well known and loved teacher, Jack Harlan, will be retiring after this final quarter at BHS. Mr.Harlan has been teaching here at Buffalo for 36 years and was in the English department. When asked why he decided to retire, all he had to say was, “I’m old.”

Throughout his career, Harlan has had an opportunity to get to know a lot of  different students and colleague. He even said that the greatest highlight of his career is, “When students who have graduated get in touch with me and thank me for teaching them. I really enjoy that.”

After this year is over and there are no worries about getting a classroom ready for the next fall; Harlan plans to do daycare for his granddaughter, read many different books, go golfing, and find a part-time job “pushing carts at Walmart,” he said with much sarcasm in his voice. With everything that has happened in the 36 years Harlan has been at Buffalo, the thing he’ll miss the most are the students that have come through over the years and the colleagues that he has had a chance to work with.

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