Student-made care packages on their way to Iraq

Mrs. Raymond’s American History class is making care packages to send to soldiers in Iraq. The care packages are being sent at the end of this week to former Buffalo graduates serving in the Middle East. 

Raymond sent a letter to the parents of the students in her class, asking parents for requests or names of people in Iraq that they could send packages to. The packages are going to family members of mothers from the Blue Star Mothers organization. This is an organization of mothers who have, or have had, children honorably serving in the military. Blue Star Mothers is a non-profit Veterans service organization supporting military children while promoting patriotism.

Each care package contains items that the students have brought from home or purchased on their own. Some of the items include; soup, toothbrushes, pens , first aid supplies, ramen noodles, plastic forks and spoons, wet wipes, and also the students gave a dollar for shipping all the care packages. American History teacher Tracy Hulley recieved a large donation of Venus shaving cream for organizing prom, and Social Studies teacher Gerard Rohl donated a box of Old Spice deoderant and cologne that he was given for football players earlier this year

Along with these items, each student wrote their own letter to a soldier inside a decorated card to show their appreciation. ”

 I think the soldiers will be suprised and thankful that students are so appreciative of them,” said Sophomore Abby Jones.

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