Disappointing loss for Bison Swimmers

On Friday February 13, the Bison Swim and Dive team hosted the Moorhead Swim and Dive team at the BCMS pool. The meet was a dual meet and the Bison’s last dual meet of the season.

Coach Ryan Rehnstrand mixed up the events and put the boys in events they were not used to swimming. The reason for this was to hide their star swimmers from the eyes of the Moorhead coaching staff. He did not want them knowing what they had as far as a line up for sections.

The Bison swam their off events very strong and held the Spuds off till the last relay. The Bison were knocked out of first place by 0.02 seconds. The Spuds won the meet by the skin of their teeth. It was a disappointing loss for the Bison.

The Bison were not done yet, because after the meet they had Seniors and Parents night, where it was a chance to honor their graduating seniors and their loving parents. They also had a family fun relay where teams of four family members competed against other families.

Although the Bison lost the meet they are still looking forward to sections and they had a lot of fun. “ Ya we wanted to win, but we all had a great time, and now we have to start thinking about sections,” says 8th grader Jack Elliott. Jack is one of the only middle school boys to make it to the Section meet.



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