SSU brings the Clue Game to life

This week, SSU is hosting an interesting “who-dun-it?” game throughout the school.  It all began when Kala Czanstkowski went to Mark Mishke about doing something fun at Buffalo High School.  He told Czanstkowski to talk to Tracy Hulley about planning something.  After hard work and lots of effort, Czanstkowski and Hulley had a finished Clue game that everyone could participate in.  They talked to the Executive Council about it and they thought it sounded like a great idea.

“This is a funraiser.  It’s just for fun and all of the profits go to buying more prizes for the participants,” said Hulley.  Each day at lunch, you can make a guess for just $1.

There are so many prizes, including $3 car wash cards, $10 Taco Ranch gift cards, $5 Jimmy John’s gift cards, free medium blizzards at Dairy Queen, a $10 Buffalo Books gift cards, Free Medium Extra Value Meal cards from McDonald’s, a $10 Dairy Queen gift card, a $10 Tan on First gift card, $30 Diva’s (the hair & body care professionals) gift cards, a $50 iTunes card, and a $25 gas card from Holiday.  There will also be a gift basket given away at the end of the week.

Each morning this week, we will receive a clue giving us yet another hint to who the mysterious kidnapper would be.  So far the clues have been:

Monday- The kidnapper is a teacher.

Tuesday- The kidnapper teaches on the second level in either the A or C hallway.

Wednesday- The kidnapper is a female.

Each day, the people who guessed correctly are not only entered in a daily drawing, but the grand prize jdrawing on Friday as well.

“The more money raised, the bigger the prize,” said Hulley.


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