Spring Break

With only 8 school days left until the end of the quarter, students are anxiously awaiting for spring break. 

” What I’m looking for most about spring break is chilling on the beach in Corpus Christie, Texas and spending time with my family,” said Junior.                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                Photo By:Rachael Etter

Students usually travel more on Spring break then they do on winter break. Winter break is usually spent at home and visit with family members around home.

“I’m going to Palm Springs, California with my best friend.  Ali’s family goes there every year and our families have gotten to be friends so we are going to the same place. We haven’t gone anywhere in a long time so I’m mostly really excited for the weather,” said Junior.

Not only does it gives the students a break but it also gives the teachers a break as well.

” I can do my own things, like not having to school everyday, catching up on things at home, organizing

my closets and spending time with my family,” said BHS teacher.                                                              Photo By:Rachael Etter


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