Doubles all over

As you walk around the school, you feel like you see a repeat of students. Here, at BHS, there is approximately 15 sets of twins and 1 set of quadruplets. There is a variety of fraternal and identical, where some are very close and others aren’t.

“Andrew and I are super close. Since we hang out in school together we spend so much time together, with having the same friends and classes, so not only are we at home all the time together, we always hang out at the same persons house too,” said Junior Molly Sandahl.

“Lindsay and I aren’t close because it’s like having a friend the same age that goes everywhere with you,” said Junior Chuck Jacobs.

Unlike Sandahl, Jacobs mentioned that, “We don’t really hang out with the same groups of friends. In some ways I’m closer to Lindsay but in other ways we aren’t even close.”

While you would see most of the sets in grade eleven although there are still many more out around the school to meet.

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