Senior Privileges begin after Spring Break

Seniors anxiously await the day they can leave early at 1:54pm. Seniors no longer have to go to SSR or AAA, starting after spring break. Administration changed SSR from being after third block, to being at the end of the day, so unlike the prior years Seniors also get to leave for SSR but still have the same amount of leave days. Another change the administration made is that the Senior meeting is no longer at breakfast, it will be during an afternoon snack where there will be talk about expectations and graduation.

“Not only is Senior privileges a good incentive for seniors to stay in school,” said Assistant Principal┬áBrandon Prell, “it enables them to be strong leaders and make good decisions. Seniors really appreciate being able to leave early and I don’t get negative feedback about it.”

As soon as Seniors come back from a long spring break, they get to experience what every other Senior traditionally gets to experience, Senior privileges.


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