Haiti Benefit work pays off

The Haiti benefit on Friday Febuary 26, raised nearly $800 that was donated toward the relief efforts in Haiti. Through out the night people kept donating and purchasing concession items. Donations from local businesses and churches included candy, pop, cotton candy, popcorn that were sold at the event.

Bands were chosen for entertainment, bands included Undefined Purpose, Whosah, Icicles to Eskimoes, and Lydia Wagner.

“I choose bands that I knew that people liked,” said Junior Kaylie Lund.

At the last  band of the night, Whosah invited people up to the front of the stage to have people dance and clap along. During one of the last songs, people were on the floor dancing, jumping, clapping and just having a good time. At the end of the night, every band that played that night and returned to the stage to sing “Let it Be” by the Beatles.

“I really enjoyed playing at the benefit. It was a fun and it was dedicated to a good cause,” said lead singer of Undefined Purpose, Senior Jesse Ernster.

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