Green Team attempts to raise environmental awareness for students

The Green Team, a group of students and teachers dedicated to creating a better environment, began this year in hopes of bringing awareness to students about the importance of recycling and conserving energy. The Green Team is run by five staff members, including Charley Keifenheim, Brigitta Berquist, Katie Kunz, Rebecca Karna, and Daniel Schneider.

“That specific group of teachers wanted a group at the high school that advocated for the three R’s – reuse, recycle, and reduce,” said Senior Emily Anderson. “Rather than just the five  of them running it though, they really wanted to make sure students got involved with it and do a majority of the planning and legitimate work.”

The goal of the Green Team is to benefit the whole school by raising awareness. Keifenheim made up a mathematical formula to figure out the amount paper and plastic the schools wastes each day alone.

“It was a shockingly high amount and sickening to hear,” said Anderson. “Our school has so much potential to be environmentally-friendly, but we as a team feel like we aren’t adequately using that potential.”

In early March the Green Team will have an educational video in the PAC. They are also teaming up with Globally Minded Student Activists (GMSA) to plan and host a “Water Week” which will include selling reusable water bottles and fundraising to host a Play Pump in an underdeveloped country.

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