Students raise over $2,000 for Haiti

Last week and this week, Buffalo High School and GMSA are hosting a fundraiser to help disaster victims in Haiti. GMSA members organized the selling of colored hair extensions throughout last week – students Emily Anderson and Sarah Oliver collected the donations and put the extensions into the hair. Over 150 people in the building showed their support by purchasing these extensions; If you donated five dollars, you got one extension, or a ten dollar donation would get you three colored pieces of hair. The colors available were blue, purple, pink and red. Other schools in the district have been collecting donations as well – Hanover Elementary allowed students to wear a hat for a day if they donated one dollar to cause.
GMSA purchased the hair from Sally’s Beauty Supply for 25 dollars for 20 extensions; there were around 500 extensions sold! As of today, GMSA has raised $2,168.30 which will go to the American Refugee Committee – the last day to donate is Thursday, February 4th; a final total will be counted at the end of the day. The American Refugee Committee has provided humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries over the past 30 years.

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