BHS Sports Broadcasting

High school sports fill up the week among the days of the high school students. Typically many students gather to the gyms, hockey areas, or even gymnastics gymnasiums to support there fellow classmates and friends, whereas some of us are not. You will always hear the highlights on the sports the following morning but Activities Director Tom Baumann, if you weren’t present at those certain festivity you can’t preview those moments in your head. But what you can do is go to a website and watch the broadcasting of these sports during and after each event. Broadcasting done by Social Studies Teacher William Floersheim. Also students, Junior Nicholas Weeks and Morgan Lubben take an interest and participate in this activity. Lubben frequently does the basketball announcements and Weeks like to participate with Florsheim in the broadcasting.

“For me, the hardest thing about doing the play by play is knowing everyone’s’ number depending on the sport and knowing how to pronounce there names,” said Weeks. ” Basketball is probably the most challenging for me because sometimes I don’t know what I’m saying.”

Basketball, Gymnastics, Boys and Girls Hockey, Swimming and Wrestling are among the variety of sports in which we we broadcast here at BHS. The students are the ones who run the Bison Broadcasting (BBC) , mostly Weeks and Lubben. They get payed $10.00 for each game that they fill for. The company the broadcast for is called Webcast America.

“It gives students who enjoy activities an opportunities and a chance to find ways to be evolved with them,” said Florsheim.


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