Bison Hockey Update – Boys’ and Girls’ teams

Boys Varsity Hockey:

The boys varsity hockey team started out their season with extremely intense competition. Resulting in several consecutive losses for their team. However, recently they have begun to do extremely well in their conference, with wins over M.A.M.L. ( Monticello Annandale Maple Lake) and St. Michael-Albertville, they are 2-0 in conference. Sophomore goalie Blake Schmidt was recently mentioned in the Star Tribune for his success in these games, where he had a shut- out (no goals against him) in each game.

“It’s really nice to have some success after all those losses,” said Schmidt. ” But, we’re excited for the rest of the season.”

The team will be heading North to Roseau this weekend for an out of conference game, against the Roseau Rams.  The teams current record is 4-7-1.

Girls Varsity Hockey:

The girls varsity hockey team recently lost their second conference game against North Wright County, which moved them down in the conference standings. Besides that, they have been very successful lately, with a win over Wayzata which has never happened in the girls program before. Freshman  Katie Rooney was able to score 4 consecutive goals in that game, winning it for the Bison.

“It was really cool to be able to help win that game,” said Rooney. “But, the whole team did really good so it was fun.”

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