Veteran Speaks to American History Sophomore Students

Sophomore American History students gathered to the library to listen to Vietnam speaker Gary Gullickson on Tuesday, January 5th.
From eights to ten, these students spent two hours listening, observing, and even communicating with Gullickson. Multiple stories about his experiences involving the war compared to now as to how he copes with the life changing events were shared.
“It was interesting to hear what he had to say,” said Sophomore Samuel Mayhew. ” The dude had some pretty awesome stories to share.”
Also jokes and even some inappropriate stories of what they did while they were off duty were also shared.
“He was very humorous in the way he told his stories. He swore quite a few times too,” laughed Sophomore Katherine Kemp.
If you are interested in wanting to know his story there is a book; Vietnam: “Our Story One on One”. The story features 59 veterans who take turns telling their stories on and off duty during the war.
Gullickson will return again in May for another speaking session for the third and fourth quarter sophomore American History classes.

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