New Years Resolutions!

New Years Eve has always been a time for us all to celebrate the upcoming of a new year as well as the ending of an old one, a time to look forward to and also a time we will back at. A time to analyse the changes we set to make on the upcoming year, but will we actually stick to them? 75 percent of people who make a New Year’s resolution loose the motivation to work on that goal within six weeks of setting it..

“I try to stick to my New Years resolutions, but it doesnt really ever happen. I think when I get older they will matter more so until then I’m not so worried about it,” said Junior Megan Neske.

We all think of the little things we can do like spend more time with friends, lose 15 pounds, or just that easy expression to enjoy life more. Instead of looking at the biggger issues in our lifes that also have a bigger effect in the end like quiting smoking/drinking, getting out of debt, or even helping others in ways that make their lives easier.

“I do think that if we are going to let ourselves work towards of New Years resolutions that they should be important ones that have a meaning in the end and will actually have that difference made in ourselves and others also,” said Junior Ana Melgard.

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