Three Days of School

School has been opened at Buffalo High School for the last three days prior to Christmas vacation. Many students have wondered why this is because they think it’s pointless. Christmas Eve is the first day that is off, and many students have been asking why this is.

“Nobody is focused and no one will remember everything they learned,” said Sophomore Prentice Basten. Many students have skipped the last day before break because of the winter storm warning. Their families need to get to their destination prior to the snowstorm.

The Durst Quadruplets are going to travel to North Dakota for Christmas and they have to leave school early because of it. Fortunately this isn’t a problem for them because they don’t have any tests the last two blocks of school.

“I think that the first day of being out of school before Christmas Eve is kind of stupid because I think it would’ve been nicer to have that day spent with family so that I could have prepared for Christmas day,” said Junior Kendra Durst.

On the other hand, there are respectable explanations as to why we have three additional days of schoolwork. “We have three days of school because the state requires us to have a certain amount of days in the curriculum. A lot played into the decision about the school calendar.” said Assistant Principle Brandon Prell, “If we didn’t have these days in school, the seniors would graduate June 16th instead of the 10th since we already had a late start because of Labor Day on September 8th.”

The seniors especially should be satisfied with the decision the school board made by giving them a few less days off of break, as well as all of the other students.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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