More Than 45 Percent of Students at Buffalo High School Traveled for Spring Break

Students traveled for Spring Break - from out of the state to around the world

Spring Break for Buffalo High School was from March 29 through April 5, and more than a third of the school traveled somewhere outside of Minnesota.

In a study from Chicago Tribune, they found that more than 50 percent of students travel for their spring break. The most popular travel destinations for the U.S. is Mexico, Punta Cana, Florida, and California.

For the Buffalo High School students, 45 percent of the kids traveled outside of Minnesota. Some of the most popular travel destinations were Arizona, Florida, Punta Cana, and Mexico.

Senior Mitch Green traveled to Arizona for spring break.

“I have never been to Arizona before,” Green said, “and it was nice to get out of Minnesota, and into warm weather for a week.”

Even though some of the kids didn’t travel this spring break, they still found something productive to do.

Senior Sydney Schwartz stayed in Minnesota during spring break.

“I had three softball games I couldn’t miss,” Schwartz said, “and if I missed softball I would have been benched.”

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