Twitter or Instagram?

Americans spend most of their waking hours looking at a screen. Adults spend an average of 11 hours a day on some type of social media, that’s almost half the day!

Social Media sites are taking over our lives. Two of the most popular sites/apps are Instagram and Twitter. Both are sites where you can post pictures, videos, and just your overall thoughts. Instagram is strictly pictures and videos, and Twitter is all the above.

So, with that being said, 107 Buffalo High School students were recently asked which they like better, Instagram or Twitter?

One-hundred of those students said they enjoy Instagram better.

Twitter or Instagram?

Junior Kaden Stubstad likes the way Instagram is set up. “It is easier to use, and presented better. Twitter is an old fad,” he said.

Junior Olyvia Boyum likes how she can keep up with her friends. “You interact with friends more,” she said. “And see what they are doing.”

Junior athletes Aidan Bouman and Brandon Maatz look at from a recruiting aspect.

“I like them both. Twitter is for popularity and recruiting, while Instagram you can look at funny pictures and videos.” Maatz said.

“Instagram is better because there is more interesting things on there than Twitter. Twitter is basically just for recruiting. Instagram is actually fun.” Bouman said.

Junior Nolan Budig likes both for one specific reason each. “I like Rob LaPlante’s Twitter, and I like couples on Instagram,” He said.

Freshmen Bri Bluiett and Will Poole like the comedy part of Instagram.

“I like it because it has good memes,” Bluiett and Poole both said.

Now onto Twitter. Two of its seven votes belonged to Junior Greta Goede and Sophomore Ethan Hansen.

“You get more information about what’s going in life, while Instagram is more about peoples personal lives.” Hansen said.

Greta Goede thinks Twitter causes more laughter. “It’s way funnier. Plus you can post whole videos, you can’t do that on Instagram.”

On Twitter you can post multi-minute long videos. On Instagram you can only post videos up to a minute long. However, on “IG TV,” you can post videos longer than a minute (about a minute and a half).

Social Media is taking over the world. Will you fall into the trend? Or will you limit your online use and enjoy the real world?

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