Got Courage?

Every year in the middle of November the Youth Frontier Organization takes there time to come to Buffalo and involve themselves with all seventh grade students to put on a Courage Retreat; which includes 3 separate days of fun with an average of 150 seventh graders per day. Youth Frontier leaders and around 95 (30 each day) BHS staff members step up to show there leadership and a positive example for these younger kids to learn from. Youth Frontier’s vision is to change the way young people treat each other in every hallway, lunch line and classroom for every school in America so that today’s young people can make tomorrow’s world better- courage may be the answer. For some, seventh grade may be a breeze but for others it just may be a time for them to figure themselves out and start realizing right from wrong, or even realizing its okay to just be yourself (which takes courage).

“I think they got their message across really well because my whole group went up during pebble in the pond and apologized to everyone and confessed their act of courage,” said Junior Staff member Andrew Ortmann.

Youth Frontier leaders take there time to talk about a variety of situations a majority of seventh grader face to help them realize what may lie ahead. Speaking on situations on how we all have a fear – whether its rejection or just plain old fitting in. Following your heart and not following the crowd in certain situations may be the bigger – yet harder step. How just a small act of courage can make yourself feel better as well as another person you may have never expected, even if its only for a moment.

“I definately thought that the Youth Frontier leaders spoke very efficiantly. they caught the childerens attention and were very energetic. They made it fun and interesting for the seventh graders,” said Junior Staff Member Ana Melgard.

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