Let The Games Begin

The Beginning:

This is the first update of many upcoming basketball events. As the new boys basketball season approaches, there are always new expectations, new things to be excited about, and a new group of students ready to make the best of the season. This is Megan Downing and Kendra Durst, and as the Basketball season progresses we will be following the team to see what this sport is really like, and not only what is seen from the outside, but the view from the inside.


Nick Guida has been coaching the Buffalo High Schools boys Basketball team for 13 years. He has had years of experienceplaying basketball, four years of high school and four years of college. Each year is a new beginning for his team and each year brings new goals for the team to achieve. Which is why Guida got into coaching.

“Every year is so different with losing seniors, and developing seniors taking their spots. There is always a new group of guys who you can tell have preparing and working hard for the upcoming season.” Said Guida. “There is a lot of growing and team building throughout the year and its cool to see that change and impact they have on each other.”

Getting The Loss Over With:

“For their first game, they looked great. It was hard to lose some key players from last year, but you could see the younger kids move up.” said Senior and Manager Samantha Mattson. “It was hard to see the shots not go in, but we got our loss out of the way.”

Friday December 4th was the first game of the 2009-2010 basketball season playing Osseo. The game ended with a final score of Buffalo 51, and Osseo 58. For Freshman Ethan Freer, it was the first time playing a varstity game, and he was one of five starters along with Senior Erik Starr, Senior Aaron Duske, Senior Brent Kettenacker, and Junior Andy Ortmann

“It being my first varsity game and first time starting, I was nervous but still really excited.” said Freer. “It was our first game together this season, so i wasn’t sure how good we were going to play with one another, but i was happy with how we all played. The more practices and games we have, the more we’ll have to gel and hang with each other.”

First Win of the Season!

Tuesday, December 8, The Bison were up against the Coon Rapids Cardinals. The final score of the game ended with Buffalo with 56 and Coon Rapids 54. It was the first seasonal win for the Bison.

“We were down by 12 at halftime.” Said Jake Rabusch. “We had 17 turnovers in the first half. When the secong half of the game cam around, we played a lot better and just came short to winning of winning.”

Buffalo Bison vs. Elk River Elks:

Thursday, December 10, was another lose for the Buffalo Bison playing against the Elk River Elks. It was a close game and the Bison lost by only four points, the final score being 36-40.


“We do things as a team, everyday, that will prepare us for every game we play in the season.” Said Head Coach Nick Guida. St.Micheal has been in a similar boat like us. They’ve played some really good team and have come out on the short end on some, just like us. So this game will be a good one to play and watch.”

The Buffalo Bison have only lost one conference game in the past 3 years, which was against the St.Micheal Knights in 2007. Last nights game ended with a Bison victory. The final score ended with Buffalo Bison 44 and the St.Micheal Knights 34.


Bison hit it off against the Rogers Royals on Tuesday, January 5. The final score ended with 50-65, which was a lose for the Bison.


The bison faced off the Becker Bulldogs on Friday, January 8. The final score ended with 57-43, it being a victory for the Bison.

Minneapolis South:

Saturday, January 9,  the Buffalo Bison played against Minneapolis South. The final score ended with the Bison having 65 points, and Minneapolis South having 44 points. It was a good game, but one of South’s top players was unable to play in the game, which didn’t help South any.

“The game went really well.” Said Senior Zach Hartung. “My favorite part of the game was when I was on a shooting streak. Overall I scored 16 points. It was probably one of my best games this season.”

“I think overall the Bison played an awesome game.” Said Principal Mark Mischke. “They put in a lot of effort and played really good defense.”


On Tuesday, January 12, the Bison went head to head with the Zimmerman Thunder. The final score to the game ended in 65 Bison, and 44 Thunder, which also ended with another victory for the Bison.

“The best part of the game was when Chuck Jacobs was bringing two cups of water back to the bent.” Said Junior Keenan Brown. “One of the Zimmerman players passed the ball to another player who totally missed the passed and it hit the cups right out of Chucks hands. Water went flying everywhere, it was hilarious. And we got it all on video.”

The Bison face off Brainard this Saturday, January 16. It’ll be a close game.

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