What are the Favorite Netflix Shows at Buffalo High School?

Television is a huge part of everyone’s life. On average, Americans watch about four hours of TV a day. That is 28 hours a week. For Buffalo High School students, the majority of that time comes from watching shows on Netflix and other streaming services.

All people have different preferences when it comes to watching TV.

Junior Justin Ellis loves the comedy Big Mouth, and Junior Jenna Palmer (and many others) love The Office. Junior Derek Bursch likes Trailer Park Boys, just as the whole football team does.

What is your favorite Netflix Show?

A lot of students also like The Ranch, a comedy about a family on a ranch, hence the name.

“I like The Ranch. It’s good and it’s funny,” Sophomore Matthew Czeck said.

Juniors Tony Dahl and Trevor Johnson also like The Ranch, along with many other shows.

Trevor Johnson and Junior Kaden Stubstad like Friends. It is a comedy about six friends who live in New York City. Some people love it, others hate it and think it is overrated.

“It gives me nostalgia,” Stubstad said. “It’s dumb-funny.”

Counselor Mark Jones likes the British drama Peaky Blinders. His wife is a big fan, so he support her and watches it with her.

“I watch it with my wife,” Jones said. “She likes it.”

Junior Julia McAlpin likes the mature show Parenthood. It is more of an adult drama, about problems life gives you as a parent, and the relationships throughout.

“It’s a good mix of comedy and drama,” she said.

Junior Tony Dahl has been watching Hawaii Five-O for a while. He likes the show, but mainly watches it because his girlfriend loves it.

“My girlfriend makes me watch it with her,” Dahl said.

Stranger Things is Senior Callie Stumpfl’s go-to. She likes the uniqueness of the show.

“I like Stranger Things because it’s different than every typical show and I like how the sci-fi is a different kind of show to watch.”

A lot of people are suckers for a hospital drama, including Junior Alana Hartman. It grabs her attention and never gets old.

“I like Grey’s Anatomy,” Hartman said. ”It keeps me watching, I never get bored of it.”

Everyone has different likings towards different shows. Drama, action, comedy, and romance are the most popular choices. Which show is your favorite?

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