Is Dating in High School Worth it?

Dating in high school is always a controversial topic. Is it better to give it a shot if the opportunity is there, or is it more important to focus on yourself and your priorities?

Studies have shown that only 2% of relationships made in high school last long enough for the couple to end up being married. Many of these relationships have high hopes but usually end up not going far.

So, is dating in high school worth it?

“For some people it is,” said World Studies Teacher Tracy Hulley. “And for others it just isn’t necessary.”

Sophomore Gavin Leaver is against dating.

“No, it’s not worth it, because people are still immature,” Leaver said.

History teacher Mike Curry thinks dating can be very valuable, even if it doesn’t lead to lifelong relationships.  

“It teaches us all the skills we will need later in life: communication, how to treat people,” Curry said. “If you don’t learn it now, then you need to learn it later and then you could mess up at the wrong time. Is it necessary? No, but it teaches you good life skills.”

Senior Grace West put a meaningful thought towards dating in highschool.
“You never know when you’re going to find the right person,” West said. “It could be right now.”

Are there any benefits to dating in high school, even if the relationship doesn’t last?

“Yes,” said Junior Justin Ellis. To make new connections with people and go through different relationships with people can help you through life.”

“Dating is high school is totally fine,” Junior Dalton Curtis said, “and you get to know your type.”

Senior Tristan Eull made a point about reflecting on the emotions behind a relationship.  He wonders what the intentions of the relationship is.

“Is it lust or love?” Eull asked.

Students already in a relationship may be more likely to believe that high school relationships are worthwhile.

“I have a girlfriend, so I think it’s worth it,” Junior Trevor Johnson said.

Mr. Davison thinks it can be well worth it. He is a part of the 2% that found a lasting relationship in high school.

“Well that’s how I found my beloved,” Davison said.“Since the end of  9th grade. So yes, it can be worth it. As long as there’s no drama.”

Some people don’t need to date in high school.

“I don’t care,” Senior Travis Bradford said.

Senior Lily Ragab has traveled around the world in her life. Her experience has influenced her thoughts on the idea of a soulmate.  

“The world is so big,” Ragab said.“There are 154 counties and 7 billion people in the world. Just to find someone in your local town is unrealistic.”

Everyone has different opinions on high school relationships, even students of the same age. If you’re looking for something long term, the data shows that it just isn’t likely to last very long. Depending on your beliefs and goals about what you want out of a relationship, it can be very useful in building characteristics for later in life.

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