From Love to Laundry: BHS teachers give relationship advice

As the school is winding down I wanted to do a more fun topic so why not be generic and talk about love. Interviewing these teachers got me these responses.

“Be safe.”

-FACS Teacher Julie Mundahl

Julie Mundahl

“Remember that the other person is a human being.”

-English Teacher Ryan McCallum

Ryan McCallum

“Get yourself a cat. Nothing else matters.”

-Math Teacher Abigail Bohler

Abby Bohler

“Marry rich. Fall in love later.”

-Math Teacher Michael Bloch

Michael Bloch


-American Government Teacher Devin Davidson

Devin Davidson

“Go with your gut.”

– Gym Teacher Holland

Troy Holland

“Find someone you’re in love with mentally and physically.”

-Gym teacher Joshua Ortmann

Josh Ortmann

“Never EVER stop holding hands.”

-Sceince Teacher Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson

“Do your own laundry.”

-English Teacher Joesph Pokorney

Joe Pokorney


-Assistant Princibal Nichalous Guida

Nick Guida Photo

“You cant love anyone else unless you love yourself.”

-Librain Erika Clifton

Erika Clifton

“Never go to bed angry.”

-Account Manager Denise Kositzke

Denise Kositzke

“Be with your best friend.”

– Bussiness Teacher Rebecca Karna

Rebecca Karna

“Communication and honesty.”

-FACS and English Teacher Ashley Lostetter

Ashley Lostetter

“Pray together, stay together.”

-Math Teacher David Kilgore

David Kilgore

“Listen to your wife.”

-Math Teacher Michael Combs

Mike Combs


-Woods Teacher Kurt Konsela

Kurt Konsela

“Find love.”

-Art Teacher John Holtz

“Let me know when you find out.”

-Mechanics Teacher Benjamin Wandmacher

Ben Wandmacher

“I know nothing.”

-Greeter Jeanine Guida

Jeannie Guida

“Love is a choice not a feeling.”

-Math Teacher Joel Peterson

Joel Peterson

“Find someone who is happy with what they have.”

-American Government Teacher Tod Manninen

Todd Manninen photo not available

“Be supportive through ups and downs.”

-FFA Teacher Gary Wirkus

Gary Wirkus

“Be supportive.”

-Special Education Teacher Ruth Clarke

Ruth Clarke

“Treat others the way they want to be treated.”

-Speciasl Education Teacher Leanne Miller

LeAnne Miller

“Avoid Drama.”

-Special Education Teacher Terri Schmidt

Terri Schmidt

“You can’t start dating until you are 30! Until then no Boyfriends!”

-Art Teacher John Gunderson

John Gunderson

“Love each other no matter what”

-Special Education Teacher Kristine Simonson

Kristine Simonson

“Yikes I’m not so sure you want love advice from an old lady! But here are some examples: Take time to get to know your heart and understand yourself before attempting to love another heart.”

-Social StudiesTeacher Brigetta Bergquist

Brigitta Bergquist

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