Junior Kayla Elsenpeter is an active member of SCC.
Junior Kayla Elsenpeter is an active member of SCC.  Photo by Megan Downing

The Student Care Committee is a small group of about 6 students who meet every Monday during AAA. This is a group that is always looking for new member who want to help out their school and fellow classmates. SCC is active throughout the entire school year and they are always trying to help someone in need.

“I joined SCC my freshman year because I care about other people and i think that this is a great way to show it.” Said Junior Kayla Elsenpeter.

The most recent project done by SCC was the Coat Drive. There were signs up in the hallways and a message on the monitor for two to three weeks. The coats were donated to families who needed them for the winter season that is approaching. In the weeks the collecting went on, there were about 15 coats that were donated.

Pay It Forward is the newest upcoming event on SCC’s schedule. Cards will be given to students throughout the school who are doing good deeds and deserve a kind word. That person then will give their card to another student that they feel is making a difference.

“The things you do for other people do matter.” Said Elsenpeter. “They don’t go unnoticed.”

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