Post-Secondary Experiences

An apartment in the cities. Paying rent. Catching the public bus every morning to go to the U of M. Sounds pretty basic for a 20 something college student; making it on their own for the first time after climbing the social hierarchy for 4 years in high school, but Senior Ashley Thaemert stopped going to the high school at the end of the 08-09 school year, when her graduating year isn’t until the end of the 09-10 school year. She, along other students her at BHS, have taken the step to jump one notch ahead in their life, and go post secondary.

Post secondary is a form of higher education, where students who have completed all their required classes and are in the top 50% in their class, are allowed to get an early year of college (credits and all) for further education, instead of going to the high school for their senior year.

Junior Ali Mustonen will be taking the premature plunge into the real world next year as well. Her main goal is to become a Veterinarian, which requires 8 years of college, making the post secondary program extremely advantageous for her future line of work.

“Last year I decided that, for what I wanted, there was nothing left here for me to do at the high school.” stated Ali “There’s not to much in the way of requirements,” she goes on, “you just need to make the conscious decision to do it.”

When questioned on how she felt about the thrust into the reality of post-high school America she said “[I am] nervous, just because I’m so young and all, but I’m excited to expand my horizons.”


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