Why do you show up for school?

What motivates teachers and students to get to school every day?

The definition of “Motivates” is to stimulate someone’s interest in or enthusiasm for doing something. When it comes to school, everyone has something different that motivates them to get out of bed, get ready for school,eat breakfast, and leave for school.

From teachers to students, everyone seemed to say that their motivation for school is going way lower due to how close we are getting to summer,  how late they stayed up the night before, or other just a lack of energy. 


Freshmen,Sterling Yates: “One, teachers motivate me, along with the atmosphere created by other students.Two, the education presented to us is superb”.

Sophomore, Melanie Linzbach: “If I didn’t have somewhere to go, I’d stay at home not living for anything”.

Junior Samantha Shun: “If I don’t go to school, I would get into trouble with my parents”.

Senior Bailey Braccini: “ I simply go to school for the most simple reasons: grades, and college”.

Asking this question as the years go on it gets harder an harder to motivate yourself to go to school based on how many years you have already been there.


Science teacher Jenn Sheedy: “I know that I am gonna make a positive impact, face new challenges, and get to grow and learn each day with my students”.

Journalism teacher Ryan McCallum: “I get so bored at home, so I love coming here. I’ll even come here when I am sick, because it makes me feel better.”

Math teacher Abby Bohler : “I come and teach so I can supply for my cat.”

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