Patched Jeans, Plaid Pants, and Platform Sandals

The Fashion of the Unique and Daring at Buffalo High School

From patched jeans to stripes layered with plaid, Buffalo High School students walk the hallways in complete confidence of the clothes they’ve chosen for the day. Many perceive fashion as a form of expression, and others simply a way to be comfortable. Since BHS doesn’t have a dress code, we decided to find out how students take advantage of this and how they apply their unique style to daily life.

Sophomore Dominic Bretto comes to mind for many when thinking of street-wear and casual fashion.

“I wear what I wear because it’s what I think looks cool, and a lot of it is influenced by skating and what other people are wearing,” Bretto explained. A big part of his life revolves around skating, which is what most students think of when he’s mentioned. “When choosing my outfit I really look up to Sean Pablo and Ian Connor,” Bretto said. “My favorite brands to wear are Palace, Supreme, Dime, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nike.”

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“I always saw makeup and clothing as a creative outlet. It’s your body and you should be able to express yourself how you want. I always had an interest in personal style but I really went with it Junior year when I realized that self improvement starts with doing what you want,” Junior Hailey Nelson explained. Many people wouldn’t be able to tell you more than one thing about Nelson as of the beginning of this school year. But overnight, she decided to pursue something she’d been interested in, and that she declared she’d be good at – and she was. Nelson is now known most for her exceptional makeup paired with her noteworthy style. Nowadays, if you ask people about her, they will have definitely an answer.

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“I dress the way I do to support people/things that I care about and I just put my own spin on it. It started in eighth grade when I really got into music and has just progressed from there,” explained Junior Eli Hanson. Hanson is recognized for his ‘edgy’ yet unique dressing, which can only make sense for a musician in several hardcore/metal bands. Boyfriend to Hailey Nelson, they’re both praised for their unique styles together and relationship pairing – a truly iconic couple.

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“My days are really boring everyday, like I don’t do anything all day and so I like to wear clothes that make me feel like I’m doing something.” Sophomore Tate Hanson said lazily. With all white painters overalls to a Menards vest, Hanson says his favorite store to shop at is goodwill. He gets his inspiration from the vintage windbreakers aisles where he usually picks up a jacket or two.

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Sophomore Maddie Doggett – a fashionista, a vintage dresser, and a person who’s not afraid to show all shades of sweet and a little bit of whack. From cat eye sunglasses, to yellow skirts, and jelly platform sandals, she’s done it all.

“I dress the way I do because I don’t want to look back – I don’t want to be someone who’s dressed like everyone else. I want to be my own person and I just wear what I’m comfortable with.”

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“I realized that we’re in a school where there are no uniforms so I kind of take advantage of that and express myself through my outfits. So if I’m having a crappy day then I’ll show up in like my pajamas and slippers and then the next day I’ll show up in a dress and heels,” expressed Junior Audrey Green. She’s known greatly for her love of yellow and her ability to mix and match all things that appeal to her. Whether it’s trying on old prom dresses in the middle of Winter or wearing yellow converse as a staple shoe, she always finds a way to capture her mood through style.

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