“A Quiet Place” an experience like no other

“A Quiet Place,” is a film that makes the audience too scared to move or even make a sound. The constant absence of sound and the anticipation of jump scares from the film brings terror to those who watch. This film will bring chills to your body, not knowing what will come next after those who make a sound in the film because, this movie, is a true thriller.

The main character is a father who is desperately trying to protect his family in a post apocalyptic scenario, where any sound they make can get them killed. Along with his two children and his pregnant wife, they’re forced to adapt to their conditions in order to survive. You can feel the tension and the constant fear of death through this nameless family of four.

Over time, the family learns how their predators work, along with how they can manipulate them in order to survive longer. For the family to survive they need to face all their challenges making no noise, including giving birth and raising a family. The struggles may be hard, but the father does a good job at raising a responsible, obedient family who has a system of survival.

Although the movie may be intense at times, it brings a new experience to all viewers watching. People are so used to constant noise that a lot of them don’t even know what it’s like to be in a room without any. “A Quiet Place” does an amazing job at giving you that experience and we reccomend that you try it.

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Kyler Somvong

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