What it takes: “Good” Teacher vs. “Good” Student

What makes a good teacher and a good student?

What makes a good teacher? All 30 students who were polled with this question gave different responses.  Everyone had their own ideas about the essential qualities of an ideal educator.

What makes a Good Teacher?

Some students thought a “good” teacher is when they care about their job and students.

“Someone who is passionate about their job and is nice and understanding,” said Kiley

“Someone who is genuine- and need to care about their students and what they do,” said Lauren.

Some students thought it is all about their students succeeding.

“Someone who understands the workload students have,and relates to students so they can succeed,” said Madison

“Someone who cares about their students and seeing them succeed,” said Emily.

Some just want to have fun.

“Making learning fun without getting so sidetracked,” said Devyn.

“Someone who doesn’t just talk at the students but actually makes learning semi-enjoyable”said Isiah

Finally, students liked the teachers who make sure their students understand material.

“One who knows how to actually teach and checks for understanding,” said Dawson.

“A teacher who works hard to help their students understand the material they are learning,” said Caitln.

Good means something different to everyone. So in conclusion “good” meant different things to everyone, but generally meant caring, involved, fun,etc. 

Qualities of a Good Student

Teachers were asked the same question and they all gave me their own opinion.

Most teachers thought what made a student “good” is the fact that they are hard working.

“Hard working, on time, and reliable” said Agriculture Teacher Gary Wirkus.

“Hard working,desire to learn, and helpful to others,” said Math Teacher Abby Bohler.

Some teachers thought the “good” students go the extra mile.

“I consider a ‘good’ student to always go the extra mile,” said Tech Ed teacher Troy Hanson.

“A good student to me is always willing to take risks and make mistakes to learn, ”said Social Studies Teacher Brig Bergquist.

“A student that wants to learn and ask questions,” said Math Teacher Casey Mix

“A student that is engaged and loves asking questions,” said Science Teacher Jenn Sheedy

“Somebody who takes owner ship of their weakness and destroys their weakness,” said  English Teacher Joe Pokorney.

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