Starting adulthood a little earlier than most

Some Seniors opt to graduate early

Going into your Senior year can be both exciting and stressful. With decisions to make such as what college to go to, what to do after high school, and deciding if you want to graduate early. There are a lot of options you can choose from. You can stay in school and just take normal classes, you can take college classes to try and get ahead. You can also just graduate early and try to either take time off, or work to save money and pay college off without loans. The class of 2018 at BHS is looking into what they’re going to do now. Senior Alexandra Foley shared her decision on this.

“I chose to early grad because I already had plans to go to college right away. But instead I changed it and I’m going to be working right after. I’m going to be working a lot more to make some money to have an apartment. So then I can be closer to my school. Instead of going straight to it, because I feel like I need a break before I go back to school,” Foley said. “But the main reason I took early grad was because I just wanna be done. Cause I’m there, so why not be done earlier, instead of taking other classes that you don’t need?”

Although there are some people that may want to stay and get some extra classes. They also might just want to stay so they don’t have to grow up yet. But there can also be some downsides to that. Chloe Botts put her input into this.

“I chose to stay in school because of one of my classes, CIS Human Anatomy. It is important to have for the whole semester, and could potentially be a prerequisite for my future major,” Botts said. “All my Senior friends are graduating early, I chose to stay for the one class. One con would be that all of my friends will be gone and its an extra nine to ten weeks of school”.

There are also those who aren’t quite able to make the decision yet. But the class of 2019 is already looking towards the end of their high school career. Junior Dawson Bechtold shared his point of view on early graduation.

“I do not plan on graduating early, I could. But I think that High School is the best time right now, of my life and I’m not gonna see everybody again for a while. So I don’t know if I would wanna get rid of that early or jump into adulthood. It doesn’t sound fun,” Bechtold said. “Also I could start taking college classes for free instead of doing it at a college and paying money for it”.

There are no wrong answers to what the students choose, although the most popular choice is to stay and finish their education at the high school they attend. Whether it is for college classes, staying for the full experience, or even just not wanting to grow up quite yet. There will always be those who want to get a head start and see if they can get going before the others. But everyone will find their own way into the beginning.

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