Ballin through the years

How have high school sports changed over time?

Everything’s changed over time: technology, taxes, gas prices, etc. But what about your hobbies? I asked a recent high school graduate, Michael Beasley, and freshmen, Sterling Yates, just to see how sports changed in a little bit of time.

Sports literally take up a huge part of an athlete’s life. 

“Monday through Friday games were mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,” said Yates.

Coming from another point of view, Michael Beasley’s schedule was different.

“I had practice from Monday through Thursday. Games always varied, I even had some on them on weekends,” said Beasley.

Some student athletes fully commit to their sport for years. 

“I was in it since kindergarten,” said Yates.

Its crazy to see how long these athletes have been committed.

“I was in it for 14 years,” said Beasley.

Sports would be nothing without coaches.

“My coach was Sorenson,” said Beasley.

Not all coaches are adults, especially for the freshman boys basketball team.

“Kyle Ewer is my coach,” said Yates.

Sometimes athletes don’t want to talk about the stats.

“We won about five games, and we don’t talk about the rest,” said Yates.

Basketball has had a good record over time.

“We always finished in the top two in the conference,” said Beasley.

Everyone has different favorite things in regards to practices and games. 

“I loved game days! I always loved giving it your all to win the game,” said Beasley

Yates was a little more specific. 

“Rebounding has always been my favorite part of the game but scoring is pretty fun to,” smirked Yates.

With the season ending, they both took away different things.

“My favorite thing about basketball was the friendships that were made from it. We all got along great after practice and it was a great group of guys,” said Beasley.

Yates loved the atmosphere of the tight games

“I enjoyed the close games we had, especially when the crowd got involved. It was the greatest!” said Yates.

Taking all these quotes and stories, sports really have changed. Not only with the coaches and players, but with everything else such as plays, strategies, team bonding, effort, commitment, etc.

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