Game day over GPA

Do athletics affect students' academics?

Sports play a major role in a majority of people’s lives. Many of us in high school question “How much is too much?” I asked Juniors Alex Eurle and Sam Porschal along with Sophomore Samuel Lund that very question and found out some very interesting information on how sports affect your grades and if coaches care about our academics.

Being in sports takes a lot of time and a lot of effort away from your academics. Many people have different viewpoints as to how it truly affects your overall grade. “Yes, I think it helps your academics because it teaches you team bonding, discipline, and creates great friendships,” Junior Sam Porschal said.

Alex knew it was easy for her to keep up with academics.

“It was super easy to keep up with my academics,” Junior Alex Eurle said.

Grades play a huge role, but not for Sam. He manages his time really well.

Sophomore Samuel Lund went on to say “My grades have not changed because of sports. I do everything I can to make them stay the same.” Based off of these results from the interviewees, sports do not have a major role on your academic ranking.

Many people believe that coaches are just coaching for a small paycheck to get them by and don’t truly care about their academics, but Sam Porschal had a completely different thought of that.

“I believe that coaches try to value academics and the importance of it,” Junior Sam Porschal said.

Teammates are also fellow classmates that really care about you and your grade.

“The girls I played with are all smart and cared about school so the coach didn’t need to,” Junior Alex Eurle emphasized.

Bringing the coaches back into perspective Sam Lund had a different perspective.

“I do think coaches care. I’ve asked for help from coaches many times and they always understand my circumstance,” Junior Sam Porschal said

In conclusion, sports do not truly affect your grades. You put the same effort in regardless of how many sports you play.

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