From Apparel to Dates: Students Share Thoughts on Prom

100 students reflect on the annual dance

Spring is just around the corner, meaning we’re leaving behind the cold Winter snow for Spring showers. Aside from all the warm weather and Spring sports starting up, students start to think about Buffalo High School’s annual formal dance: Prom. Prom can consists of many factors that can change every year. This year, we thought we would look more into what students think about last years annual Prom dance, and what they think the school should change about it.

One hundred student responded to a Hoofprint survey on Prom. Of those, 77 percent were female and 23 percent of the responders were male.


The first series of questions were based off of what they prefer in their attire and who they are going to the dance with. Typically, women buy their dresses and men rent their tuxes. But surprisingly, we found that 85 percent of the respondents actually bought their prom outfit compared to renting it. In relation to the students attire, the results highlighted that matching colors are important to their attire.

Getting to Prom as friends or as a couple?

Usually, most students travel to the dance in one of two ways: They take a party bus or they drive themselves. The students decision was probably based off of who they are going to the dance with. Are they going with their boyfriend or girlfriend? Or are they just going in a group of friends? It turns out that the answer was, both.

A lot of people seem to be going with their significant other and a group friends. Senior Eathan Soeffker enjoys going to prom with his classmates.

“It’s a cool experience everyone gets to have in high school,” said Soeffker. “I think it’s a something cool to do with your classmates.”


After last years dance, there has been a lot of talk about the music selection that was played during the dance. Comments like ,”They need to play more recent songs” or “Stop playing music from a wedding reception” were left on the survey. Overall, the students never really loved the music played but, about half of them thought it was “OK.” The other half hated it. On the survey, an overwhelming amount of students commented that the students should be the ones picking out the music at prom.


Prom is also not cheap. Forty percent of people said they were spending anywhere from $150 to $250. The second highest voted option was spending $350+  for prom. The money that’s being spent is covering things like attire, food, transportation, and any other things that you might pay for on your all-day adventure. Is all that money really worth it? It’s up to interpretation, as almost half of the students said maybe,on the survey and another quarter of students said no.

Senior, Joe Triden, talked about how he wishes he saved his money last year.

“This year, I don’t plan on going,” said Triden. “It’s kind of a waste of money and it wasn’t all that fun last year.”

All of the things discussed above are things that students must take into consideration before the big day comes. This could take weeks or months of preparation. For some, it’s well worth it, and for the others, they regret deciding to go in the first place.

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