Gymnastics takes second at Sections

Moments before the section meet began, The Buffalo Girls Gymnastics paraded alongside eight other gymnastics teams, last Saturday, February 17.
As eight teams settled in for the meet, Sam Twardy, Senior, talked about the teams performance.
“[It’s been] good. We’ve been breaking records.”, Twardy said. “A lot of girls PRed.”
“Everyone’s improved so much.” said Freshman Alayna Mills, “We’ve gotten so close. I’ve learned a lot… Met a lot of amazing people. This season has really shaped me.”
When asked about their favorite moment with the team, both Sam and Alayna smiled.
“There’s so many.” said Alayna, “It’s hard to just pick one.”
Sam mentioned Senior Night. “The underclassmen made speeches about the seniors… We all cried.”
After the eighth and final rotation, Alayna commented on the meet.
“The Section meet’s going so well.” she said, “Everyone’s doing really well, performing well, confident.”
Sam was less optimistic, but still confident. When asked about the teams performance, Sam answered “Good.They gave us some kind of low scores.”
In the final minutes after the eighth rotation, while the final scores are being tabulated, Buffalo sat together in a circle. Nervous chatter pervaded the gymnasium, but Buffalo was calm and collected.


All Around

Madi Peters, 4th, scored 35.7
Amanda Montplaisir, 3rd, scored 36.7 – She will be going to state for her score.

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Amanda Montplaisir, 7th, scored 9.25
Madi Peters, 6th, scored 9.27

Uneven Bars

Madi Peters, 10th, scored 8.0
Amanda Montplaisir, 2nd, scored 9.4 – She will be going to state for this event.

Balance Beam

Madi Peters, 6th, scored 9.375 – She will be going to state for this event.

Rachel Haas, 5th, scored 9.05 – She will be going to state for this event.

Amanda Montplaisir, 4th, scored 9.05 – She will be going to state for this event.


Amanda Montplaisir, 5th, scored 5.0 – She will be going to state for this event.
Madi Peters, 3rd , scored 9.35 – She will be going to state for this event.

Team Standings
1. St. Cloud Tech 145.3
2. Buffalo 140.225
3. Elk River 138.55
4. Bemidji 138.3
5. St. Micheal-Albertville 137.725
6. Brainerd 136.7
7. Moorhead 134.245
8. Sauk Rapids 129.9

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