The Future of Girl’s Basketball

After years of coaching and hard work, Scott Sorenson was recently let go of his position as the Buffalo girls Varsity coach. For many people this news came as a shock and people didn’t know what to do.

“I am very sad and shocked that this happened and still don’t understand it. I know I am his daughter, but I was also a player of his and I don’t want to play for anyone else,” said Alyssa Sorenson.

For many years Sorenson has lead the girls basketball program. From fourth grade to eighth grade, you could always count on seeing him at practices or games trying to get you excited for the future of high school basketball. After coaching countless games and practices, it is time for Sorenson to say goodbye to the program he has so successfully built over the years.

“Sorenson is someone that is filled with passion, he has one of the biggest hearts I know and he will be missed.

On Monday, May 22 the school board meeting was held that decided Sorenson’s departure. People were able to write emails to voice their support and even show up to the meeting. At the meeting old players, current players, and even four coaches from rival schools made their way over to Buffalo to show their support for the way Sorenson has represented Buffalo over the years.

Now all that is left to do is to thank Sorenson for his years of dedication, and to look forward to the future of Buffalo girls basketball.

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