Applying To Colleges: The Long Procces

Steps according to Counlsor Gloria Rose. Photo By: Rachel Schwietering
Steps according to Counlsor Gloria Rose. Photo By: Rachel Schwietering

According to BrainTrack College and Universities Directory there are 7,000 higher education institutions in the United States with over 15 million students.  With all these colleges in the United States applying can become difficult when narrowing down your choice on a college.

“Number one is be positive about possibilities available to you. Be realistic. Commit yourself to spending time to find a place [college] best for you. Ultimately it is your decision,” said Counselor Gloria Rose.
With 7,000 different colleges in the U.S. alone, there are many different types to chose from. Students can go to a private or public college, and within those they can choose between a two year or a four year college.  There are not many differences between a public school or a private school.  Money is one difference between the two. 


Public colleges are funded with public tax money, where as private colleges are endowment based; private colleges are also usually more expensive.  Private schools are community based, such as religious based.  Only twenty-one percent of students as Buffalo High School (BHS) are planning on attending private schools.  Looking at whether a four year of two year college is better for students is another important factor.  When doing a two year program, students will receive a associates degree.  When being part of a two year college, it doesn’t mean that it will only take students two years to get their degree, it just has to be under 4 years.  A four year college can last up to six years and leads to a bachelors degree.

College books that are avaliable in the counseling office
College books that are available in the counseling office. Photo By: Kayla Hemze
Other personal factors play into a student applying to college.  Campus size, location, activities, and cost are some of the factors.  Eighty-five percent of students chose location as their main decision factor.
“Many people pick colleges because of the way they look.  I know I was set on a college just because it had ivy on the buildings.  They way a college looks, should not influence you choice,” said counselor Kristan lane.
Thirty-nine percent of students think the hardest part of applying for college is just filling out applications in general.  Along with filling out the application, students have to get references, send out ACT scores, and sending out BHS transcripts.
“I didn’t think it was too difficult, just time consuming,” said Senior Hannah Gulstad.
According to Get Ready For College, the average cost for college is $13,018  .  With college being such a big dent in your piggy bank, students what to make sure that they pick the right one.  Many mistakes students make when applying for college is waiting too long to apply and not doing the proper research.
“I think it’s the point in our lives where we start our own lives and get on our own two feet,” said senior Brittany Krippner.
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